John Baldessari: “Everything is Purged From This Painting But Art ; No Ideas Have Entered This Work”


Buildings = Guns = People: Desire, Knowledge, and Hope (with Smog)

My infatuation with John Baldessari was truly established this past summer on an outing  to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where a number of his pieces hang in the Contemporary Art collection. Catching my eye was a 15.5 by 37 foot product of Baldessari’s genius (as shown above), a series of unrelated photographs, which, when placed alongside each other depict a theme all too familiar: The hidden tranquility of temptation. I was moved by the piece but more so dangerously intrigued, as if hypnotized by some sort of visual mantra. I, alike many, had been cast under the silent spell of Baldessari. The ceaseless hype surrounding him does not lie, as the successful longevity of his career has ratified. Ingrained in the history of Contemporary art, John Baldessari and the body of work alongside the name have richly punctuated the collective genre.


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